To children with love from Olinesa!


Today is June 1, International Children's Day. We all love this day. Because we were children, too and we were trembling in anticipation of this day, to receive gifts, mom and dad to take us somewhere and buy us cotton candy. Well, not that they didn't take us anywhere on the other days, but it's different on this day. On the other hand, we are now excited because our children are celebrating today, and they are the sweetest we can't live without.

Over the years, Olinesa has proven to be a brand helping and supporting children. We have taken different initiatives in order to entertain or educate children. Many of you know and have heard about the celebration we hold every year on the occasion of June 1. We organize it in one of the capital's parks, most often in the South Park. Many children come, take pictures with their favorite character Olinesko, we give balloons and smiles to hundreds of children. There are a number of factors that have hampered this celebration this year. In Olinesa, we follow the recommendations of the health authorities and we are aware that such a collection would be contraindicated given the emergency epidemiological situation in which our country finds itself.

Despite the situation we find ourselves in when there is a desire, there is a way. There are many children in our country who need someone to give them a smile. This time we chose the children from the Complex for social services for children with disabilities in Roman and accidentally or not everything happened today. We provided the children with nearly 400 different products from our range, among them there was also the children's favorite lyutenitsa Olinesko. When the situation in the country is canceled, we promise to visit them in person, because what makes these children the happiest is the presence, the kind word and the warm embrace.

And speaking of donating smiles, we want to thank the wonderful people from the volunteer group To give a smile and to the whole team of the complex for their cooperation!